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This scene is a classic for good reason. Highly first featured in the video Stranded Teenagers, it starlets Julia Bond in one of her first shoots ever. She’s a scantily clad honey walking down a long open up of road, hoping someone will pick her up and rip up her. Her fantasy spunks true when a fellow rolls up in a convertible Mustang! She gets on her knees in the passanger seat and deep mouths his manmeat. They’re downright out in the open with the sun glistening down on them. Next comes something you don’t watch every day: A damsel getting banged on the windshield of a top-down convertible. Julia shrieks and chats muddy while we get interesting bottom-up views of the pair banging. They poke in the front seat, in the back seat and even on top of the seats! (Just witness the scene to see what we mean.) Penetrating in a car isn’t always the most comfortable situation, but it is joy! Leave it to Julia to turn this convertible into a cum-vertible..

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