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June, 1993. This office HARDCORE hookup episode was filmed in London. It’s straight off the original gauze with no editing, even when the camera isn’t aimed at Lisa Lipps and Billy Starlet as they poke in this cramped space. It’s a real office not a set. Lisa did numerous SCORE magazine layouts and movies from 1992 to 1997 in London, the Bahamas, Los Angeles and Hand Springs, plus on the very first Tit Cruise, originally called Knocker Camp, in July, 1994. Ten years later at the SCORE building in Miami, Florida, Lisa talked about the kind of men she was attracted to. As examples, she mentioned the names of several accomplished athletes. No male porn dudes who were simply nail fucktoys to her, especially the ones she personally cultivated. “Silly in the kind of way…have you ever seen the actor Brendan Fraser? Well, that’s the kind of guy I like, a guy who has a silly personality, who’s free to be himself, who’s not scared to say stupid stuff, who’s not afraid to be silly, to be goofy and make me laugh. And I like a man who’s powerful. I like a guy who’s built. Well kept. Cute teeth. A fellow who doesn’t brush his teeth? I don’t even want him to come near me, cause stinky breath is not one of my things. “I like a dude who’s in form, a man who takes care of himself, someone who’s independent, someone who doesn’t rely on me emotionally, who can stand on his own two feet. I would never have a dude who wants me to support him. That’s not my scene. I’m not here to support anybody. I’m here to take care of myself.”.

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