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Toppsy Curvey and her sister Lulu Devine from Boston are in London modeling for SCORE in this video. The super-sized sisters were posing for special images to illustrate their November 1993 glaze issue and interview with an editor at the office in Miami. One of the squad kept the video camera spinning to record the picture shoot while another photographer took the still images. This is the wet, uncircumcised, unseen movie straight off the tape which, for the record, was a Beta tape as fat as a brick. The women were good sports and vigorous as usual during the shoot. One of the photographers displayed them a stance he desired them to do by doing it himself. To get the job done, those dudes would do anything. Since they were famous for running onto baseball fields during games in progress to smooch a targeted player, baseball was the theme of the shoot. They wore baseball-oriented clothing amd the props included a baseball bat and a glove. If you still have that issue, you may have caught that Lulu wore a New York Yankees cap while Toppsy wore, not a Boston Crimson Sox ball cap, but a Los Angeles Raiders cap, the football team that became the Oakland Raiders in 1994. Later in the video, the rambunctious duo oil down, then strike the showers..

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