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It’s true. Artists get all the big-chested beaver. Hastily, efficiently, and a lot of it. Most of the superb, straight artists have done so for centuries. Sight at Picasso. He was poppin’ them left, right and center most of his life. What is it about this phenomenon? There are theories that attempt to explain it. Ladies are often nude when they are being painted. They usually feel sexier when they’re bare or in skimpy or handsome clothes. They’re exposed and vulnerable as they offer their figure to the artist. They listen to his direction and conform, often getting into fuck-me poses per his orders. This raises their hormone levels and lowers the female’s all-natural resistance and defense mechanism to being hit on and seduced. They also perceive the artist as gorgeous, commanding and mysterious, even however most of them are douchebags who got into art to meet a lot of girls. It takes time to paint a model, usually a couple of weeks, giving the artist time to slowly work on a doll’s head, sometimes with the aid of seductive music in the background, maybe some wine, chocolate squares, cheese and other brain-altering crap that ladies like to snack on. Such is the case history as the very bimbolicious Candy Manson is painted by an artist with a hard brush. So get yourself a beret, a fake goatee, a smock and an easel and place an ad for busty and attractive models. You’ll be happy you did..

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